Mountain Property GoldRush 2011

Land you consider being expensive now will be seen to have been a great bargain in the future.

One of the best investment decisions you can make involve the right decision to invest in Georgia Mountain Property Now!

Investment opportunities in the mountains of North Georgia represent an outstanding opportunity for appreciation in the future. The Northeast counties of Union, Towns, Fannin and Rabun are uniquely positioned to experience the majority of this Mountain Property GoldRush.

Three major factors have determined that this explosive growth will continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future. The first is the quick access to the mountains from north Fulton, Forsyth, and Dawson counties via GA 400 corridor. The second factor is the completion of 575/76, a four-lane highway, which connects I-75 in Cobb County to Blairsville in Union County. The third, and, possibly the most important, factor is the explosive growth of the North Fulton and South Forsyth Counties.

The Georgia Mountains are a near resource for countless recreational opportunities that are as close as one hour fifteen minutes from the intersection of I-285 and GA 400. Offering a quiet reprise from the noisy, fast paced, and gridlocked North Fulton area, Union and Towns counties offer every imaginable outdoor experience one can imagine and appreciate. There is, however, an important fact that makes this area so desirable. Good Georgia mountain land is scarce. Union County is almost 48% Forest Service land (USFS), Towns County is over 54% USFS, Fannin County is over 43% USFS and Rabun county is almost 63% USFS land. This is very important when you also consider that of the remaining property that is privately owned, depending on which county, from 30% to 40% is too steep to build on, or is not accessible. In addition, much of the larger tracts are in the conservation program to avoid increasing taxes and, much of the higher property is protected by the Mountain Protection Act. The remaining desirable property is rapidly becoming scarce and escalating in price. Believe me, I specialize in finding exceptional property for Buyer Clients, and it is becoming more difficult every year. Any listing agent in the Georgia Mountains will tell you the same thing; it's not a sales pitch to get you to buy: It's the truth.

What does all this scarcity mean for individuals who are interested in considering the purchase of small (25 acres), medium (up to 75 acres), and large (75+ acres) tracts of land? I believe you will be financially well rewarded with a very good return on your investment. As the rush to purchase a vacation or retirement mountain home continues to accelerate, the demand by developers for these 25+ acre tracts will exceed the already scarce supply. Today the demand for new mountain vacation homes in rustic settings is such that they sell almost as quickly as they come on the market.

Who are these 2nd homebuyers, and from what areas do they primarily come? Almost all of the buyers are coming from the affluent areas of North Fulton, Forsyth, and Cobb Counties. Most of these people just want a desirable second home in the Georgia mountains. A place to relax and get away. They are affluent and are willing to pay for exceptional settings that offer the peace and quiet the city cannot. They are not necessarily interested in purchasing homes with a lot of acreage. One acre is usually sufficient if the setting or view is desirable. These people are quickly buying the most desirable creek and streamside, mountain view, and lakefront lots currently available. Many are just buying the lots now in anticipation of building years later. These people know the value of their lot will dramatically increase as the years pass. Some are buying two lots knowing they will be able to sell one lot in a few years and recover their full, or more, purchase price for both lots. This is why the purchase of desirable tracts of mountain property offers such an exceptional investment opportunity now.

Remember, the continuing reason for this growth is that the two restricting factors of severely limited buildable private property and the Mountain Protection Act combine to make a scarce resource even more scarce. The same reasons that make the property scarce also make the property desirable because these two limiting factors insure that the areas will remain a beautiful, open sanctuary from the gridlock of Metro Atlanta.

Continue to explore TheBuyerAgency WebSite and find out how I work to find these special properties for individuals interested in making mountain property investments. Pay special attention to how I work with all the listing agents to find those unlisted properties that are very difficult to find. Whether your mountain property needs are for 10 acres or 150 acres, I will find you desirable tracts quickly that offer you alternatives. Just don't wait too long!

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